No code analytics.

Start measuring performance.
Rubx automates your ecommerce brand's performance through prebuilt analytics so you focus on the insights to grow your business.

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Instant Analytics.

Rubx's intelligent, automated analytics platform helps you measure your data and improve your store's performance. It's powerful, simple, and dyanmic!

  • Shopify Performance
  • Total Paid Media View
  • Site Analytics
  • Flash KPIs
  • Data Exports

Key Features

The all-in-one analytics platform with access to variety of feaures to help drive business insights.

  • Streamlined data

    15+ of the best-in-class platforms surrounding the performance measurement of you business.

  • Prebuilt Dashboards

    Access to instant visualizations across ecommerce, paid marketing, social, site, email and customer analytics.

  • Data Exports

    Library of data exports across all connectors to easiliy click, download and play with data in Google Sheets or Excel.

  • Flash KPIs

    Daily snapshot of your business across all your critical metrics delievered to your inbox.

  • Automated Analysis

    Business analytics and key performance trends are instantly published for viewing, filtering and analyzing.

  • Data Content

    Access to data dictionary, metric definitions, calculations and all of your data detail.

Look at all of your important data.

Rubx integrates with your popular web platforms so you can connect to your source data, automate reporting, and analyze performance.

Get started for free 👀

Our straight-forward pricing makes it easy for your business to grow without worrying about your analytics platform to slow you down.

  • Starter

    Start at no cost with platform access and basic features
    Ability to upgrade after sign-up.
    • ✓
      Basic Google Analytics and Google Ads Dashboards
    • ✓
      Single User Access
  • Premium

    Shopify + Google Analytics + Facebook + Adwords
    Free 30-day trial
    • ✓
      Upgraded to Premium Google Analytics and Google Ads Dashboards
    • ✓
      Add Premium Shopify and Facebook Dashboards
    • ✓
      Access to Cross-platform Reports and Flash Metrics
    • ✓
      Add Team Members as Collaborators
    • ✓
      Advanced Analytics - Customer Segmentation, Cohorts, and LTV
    • ✓
      Flexibility to Add Custom Connectors and Dashboards


It's simple, add and customize as you want.

  • Additional Connectors

    /each per month
    Connect any of our 15+ platform connectors across ecommerce, paid media, social and customer data.
  • Customized Dashboards

    /starting at each
    Need a view customized to your business? No problem, our developers can build to your liking.

Add-on Connectors

For only $50/per month, add up to 15+ additional data sources, including instant dashboards and platform views.

  • Bing
  • Mailchimp
  • Klaviyo
  • Optimizely
  • Stripe
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Snapchat
  • Tiktok

Frequently Asked Questions

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