The Benefits of No Code and No Code Analytics

published on 10 July 2021

The low code and no code platforms such as Webflow, Airtable, Glide, Zapier, and Bubble, are allowing users, founders, start-ups and big companies, to decrease the time, cost and complexity of building anything from web applications to CRM tools, but increase the power, go-to-market time, and flexibility with off-the-shelf tools. The philosophy of no code is to offer the power of enterprise technology without the technical lift associated with building in code, testing, developing and deploying. This movement has facilitated an agile method of working, enabled a high degree of autonomy for non-technical stakeholders, and allowed those users to automate workflows, build applications and deploy enhanced solutions without support. 

What is No code Analytics?

The simplest way to articulate is all the power of an analytics platform without the time, cost and complexity. The goal of no code analytics is to make anyone as capable as a data analyst, allowing all teams and skill levels to take advantage of analytics, data exploration, and even data science. The power is enabling anyone to identify trends, get instant access to industry-best KPIs, and drive insights. 

Benefit #1: Leveraging best-in-class

Consumer-driven brands measure their performance across the industry-success metrics such as retention, churn, lifetime value, average order value, and more. With no code tools, best-in-class KPIs are automatically configured as data sources are connected. Additionally, KPIs are displayed against other relational metrics, shown in digestible views and able to be utilized instantly upon sign-up. No code takes out the labor of modeling, configuring and maintaining these important metrics, and instead, generate powerful ways to use out-of-the-gate.

Benefit #2: Extreme Flexibility

No code platforms are built to allow user to interchange its features. Whether that comes in the form of new or updated data sources, dashboards, or account setup, no code platforms provide complete flexibility. In traditional means, if a company needed to update their analytics stack, it would be costly, incurring what is known as "tech debt" and require significant time and planning. Instead, no code platforms can scale and grow at the same pace as their customer. This means, a business can continue to speed up, slow down, or pivot without having to worry about their analytics platform ability to do so as well.

Benefit #3: Instant Value

Building a data stack from scratch requires planning, cost, and more importantly, time. The amount of time it takes for a business to be able to actually make decisions on their data can be the deciding factor of its success or failure. Because no code platforms are prebuilt to immediately authenticate and convert raw data into insights, the speed in which a company to utilize their data, is immediate. Instead of waiting around for a completed technical project, companies are turning to no code analytics platforms to achieve their business goals and empowering their stakeholders to make data driven decisions.

As the market gets extremely tough to hire and retain technical talent, its becoming more prevalent than ever for companies to subsidize the cost of resources for out-of-box, instant technology in the form of no code platforms. Additionally, with the intense competitiveness happening within DTC and e-commerce, companies need to gain as much visibility as possible to analyze their customers, understand trends, and raise capital. Waiting on technical support or building a robust team is not an option, that's where no code analytics fills the void. With Rubx, you can instantly generate performance visibility across all your most important digital platforms. Leveraging no code analytics removes the time, cost and complexity and immediately empower you and your business to make data-driven decisions. Learn more by starting your free (no credit card required) 30-day trial here:

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