Navigating in your Shopify Console

published on 26 April 2021

1. Getting your store name

Your Shopify storefront address will be in the format and is the default address provided to you by Shopify when you first opened your store. 

If you can't remember your shop name you can find it by logging into your Shopify admin. There are two ways you should be able to find your shop name:

On your General Settings page, your store name should be visible in the Store name field:


Alternatively, after logging into your Shopify admin, your URL should include your store name:


2. Provisioning access to important data sources

Data available in Shopify's API includes the following:

  • Customers
  • Discounts
  • Draft Orders
  • Fulfillment Services
  • Inventory
  • Marketing Events
  • Orders
  • Price rules
  • Product listings
  • Shipping

You can see how these relationships are kept inside Shopify's ERD (Entity Relationship Diagram). To make sure that all of this data is able to flow from your store to downstream tools, you'll need to provide Read Access to these objects through your Shopify Store Admin account.

3. Viewing dashboards

The Overview dashboard shows key sales, orders, and online store visitor data. You can see at a glance how your store is performing—across all of your sales channels, and for any date range. You can get a full breakdown of what's available inside here

Shopify's overview dashboard environment
Shopify's overview dashboard environment


Overall, Shopify's console gives a brand a 360 degree view of their online store from payment settings, product listings, customer information, and embedded analytics. The most critical part of their offering is your underlying data. The ability to take that data and look it it across other business lines - such as Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and more - provides a user the full picture of their brand's performance and ways to manage and optimize. With, you can instantly integrate your most important data platforms into an all-in-one platform with prebuilt dashboards, instant KPIs, emailed reports and data exports. Get started today at and begin harnessing the power of your data.

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